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                           Sunday Morning Worship 

     Elders are pleased to announce that the Church is now re-opened for in-                               person worship each Sunday at 10.00 am

           There are no  communion services and the same social distancing                       measures will be in place as when the Church was previously open .                 Sadly, we will still not be able to offer refreshments after the service.

We extend a very warm welcome to those who feel able to attend.

Please bear in mind that there are extensive roadworks taking place at the Mather / Booker Avenue junction and if travelling by car you should plan for the trip to Church to take a little longer 

23rd March 2021

One year on from the start of the first lockdown, today marks the first 

anniversary of  the event. Churches Together in England are taking part in a national day devoted to thought and prayers for those who have been affected and for those who have risen to the challenges and demands of  this extraordinary time in our history. 

Please follow the link below for more information.

Dear Members and Friends of Allerton United Reformed Church:

It is clear that the new variant of the virus has caused a rapid and alarming increase in Coronavirus infections. In light of this, the Elders' Meeting on 6th January unanimously decided that our church should cease to meet for in-person worship and move exclusively to online or paper-based worship material. This decision will be reviewed regularly and you will be kept up to date until such time we may resume in-person gatherings for worship.

You are reminded that the United Reformed Church (URC), through the Daily Devotions team, continues to produce Sunday services which can be listened to online and followed on paper. While it is vital (literally, life-giving) to maintain our habits of worship, this cannot depend on meeting in a church building. Each week Charles Lasham and Ray Redfern from our website ministry will email this service to you and make it available via this website's Sevices page. Further, I will be offering Zoom services for you to connect to each Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

United Reformed Church Synod Moderators remind us of their previous advice: because something is allowed does not necessarily make it wise; it is better to do the right thing.

In ‘The Message Bible,’ Micah 6:8 is rendered in this way:

But he’s already made it plain how to live, what to do,

    what God is looking for in men and women.

It’s quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbour,

    be compassionate and loyal in your love.

No church wishes its building to be the site of a spreading event, which puts lives at risk.

Consequently, I and the Elders pray that you will be mindful of safety guidelines and reach out to friends, family and neighbours through phone and internet. We want all of us to come through this difficult time and receive vaccinations which will hopefully make life much different this time next year. If we have learned anything this year, the church is truly the people!

Go with God and with every wish for health and peace,


                                   Café Jam Band

The Café Jam Band would like to invite you to their Easter Café Jam on Zoom on 28 March 6.30pm

It will be similar to the Christmas one, and the songs on the YouTube links will be interspersed with Easter thoughts and prayers.

Please do forward this invitation to as many folk as you like and ask them to contact me for the Zoom link.

We pray that we will be back with you again physically from September and we have already had our first booking!

Stay safe and well

All the best

Rita  Synod Clerk Mersey

Contact email here or ring 07833 103310        You Are Invited

20th October

Dear Members and Friends of Allerton United Reformed Church,

Thank you for responding honestly last week as we consider how best to balance mental, physical, spiritual and the existential health of our church. Our Elders met last Sunday to review our risk assessment, consider the responses of our congregation along with present government guidelines. The Elders decided with a simple majority to re-open for in-person worship services beginning Sunday 25th October at 10:00 a.m.  Below are some points to consider as we move forward:

Elders will regularly assess how best to maintain a safer sacred space alongside government and denominational guidelines.

Persons who are highly vulnerable to transmission of the coronavirus are implored to calculate your own risk and not attend in-person worship services in view of the present tier three restrictions.

Junior Worship is on midterm break and will inform families of reopening arrangements in due course.

Some of you have expressed an interest in meeting via Zoom. Please let Tim know your interest!

A reminder that the church meeting has been postponed. We will have a new date after the November meeting of Elders.

Huge thanks to everyone who is doing their best to help navigate our church through these uncharted waters. Continue to support, pray and encourage our is an odd time and tough for everyone in one way or another.  Through it all, we trust in Jesus.

Ooodles of Blessings to you All,


19th October


Following a meeting of the Elders yesterday, we are pleased to confirm that the church will re-open for worship on Sunday, 25th October at 10.00 am and until further notice. There has been no date set for a postponed Church Meeting. We shall endeavour to keep matters under review as circumstances allow.

12th October


10:00 a.m., Sunday 18th October if we can meet in church building.  Otherwise, we will meet via Zoom 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, 21st October. 

The purpose of the meeting is to accept the Treasurer's Report for the 2019 Financial Accounts.

2nd October

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Our Elders have met in an extraordinary session due to renewed restrictions in the Liverpool area.

Elders prayerfully considered how best to care for our church community in light of rising Covid-19 transmission in our area.

Elders resolved that in-person gatherings for worship in the church shall be suspended for the next two Sundays, 4th and 11th October.  Elders will continue to review our local situation and will advise us as public health information is made available.

The Blessing of the Animals service scheduled for 11th October is postponed until further notice.

Yours in Christ,


14th September

We were delighted to join together in gathered worship again yesterday. With all safety precautions in place and the congregation all wearing masks, some 32 members and friends joined in worship for the first time since mid-March. We were delighted to see flowers on display again and to hear Paul playing the organ again as we joined in with our best humming for the two hymns.Catching up with friends

Ushered out promptly after a shortened service, the congregation lingered outside in the sunshine, catching up with friends in eager chat. We all look forward to meeting again next Sunday.

The Sunday after, 27th September, we look forward to celebrating our Harvest Thanksgiving, when we shall have a collection of food items for the local food bank and a Commitment for Life envelope collection. Envelopes will be available in church next Sunday, 20th.


We are pleased to announce that, as well as returning to Sunday Worship from 13th September,  some of our other activities will be returning to Allerton over the coming weeks. We shall endeavour to list them in our What's On pages as and when we have full information on them. 

We shall also be welcoming a couple of new sessions - 

"Strengthening, Well-being Together" for 'Mums' and toddlers on a Monday afternoon; 

"Musical Theatre, Dance and Drama" for primary age children on Wednesdays after school; 

a Ballroom and Latin dance class on Wednesday evenings and 

"Boot Camp Fitness"on a Saturday morning. 

Please see the What's On pages for details and dates and please keep checking in for more details as they come on line. Thank you for your forbearance. 


Church House. 86 Tavistock Place. London

August 2020

To:    The members and friends of all our 1,400 URC congregations

THANK YOU for your unique and vital contribution to the life of the United Reformed Church, and for the work of the kingdom which we are able to do together in God’s name

We are living through an extraordinary and challenging time – a very anxious time for everyone; a difficult time for many; and a time of suffering and loss for some.  Yet, the main purpose of this letter is to say ‘thank you’ to each of you for all that you have done for the Church in the past; for all that you continue to do even in these difficult times; and for what you will do in the future.

As we are treasurers, you will not be surprised that the focus of this letter is on finance.  But we recognise that finance is only a means to the end which is our doing of God’s work together.

‘Thank you’ for your giving to your local church.  Financially, this giving is the lifeblood of your own church and of the whole United Reformed Church across England, Scotland and Wales.  It is this personal giving that enables your local church treasurer to pay your church’s bills.  Typically, the largest of those ‘bills’ is the contribution your local church pays to the URC Ministry and Mission Fund.  This Fund meets the central costs of the United Reformed Church.  The total budget is around £20 million and is approved each year by Mission Council.  Over 80% of this money is spent on ministers and church related community workers – their training, stipends and pensions.  But the other 20% also achieves an enormous amount on behalf of us all.  General Assembly 2020 was severely constrained because of the Covid-19 lockdown, but the reports written for General Assembly are available on the URC website, and they paint pictures of all the work that has been done in our name over the last two years and much of that work is ongoing.

‘Thank you’ for your giving and the giving of your local church last year.  In 2019, over £19.4 million was given by local churches and synods to the Ministry and Mission Fund.  The total contributions from local churches reduced very slightly but the average giving per member has, once again and remarkably, gone up by more than inflation.

‘Thank you’ for your continued giving this year.  We fully understand that circumstances this year are difficult.  Most local churches have been unable to meet for over five months.  We have not had the usual opportunities to make our offerings for the work of the Church.  But most of the costs of the local church and of the denomination have not reduced and some have increased as a consequence of the pandemic.  We are also aware that some have lost income or work this year and are therefore in great financial difficulty.  But there are others on fixed incomes who are actually better off than they might otherwise have been.  So, please continue to give what you can in whatever way you can – or save it up until you can hand it over.      

Any giving of ours is a response to the amazing generosity and love of God which we see in Jesus.    Nevertheless, it is important for us to say ‘thank you’ to each and all of you.

Yours in Christ,

Ian Hardie and John Piper

Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer, The United Reformed Church, London

UPDATE ALLERTON Mather Avenue  and WAVERTREE ST. Stephen's URCs                                                    10th July 2020 

Hello Everyone,

How are you doing? Have you been out as shops are opening? Have you been physically distancing and wearing masks in busy places and washing your hands?

A few folks are wondering “When will church reopen?”

The Elders of both Allerton and St. Stephen's have met this week focussed on these questions. The government has provided exhaustive guidelines for churches to safeguard and ensure hygienic procedures are followed. As you can imagine, we have much to do before we can even consider opening the doors. We must have a thorough risk assessment in place and the building needs to be well equipped with hygienic procedures and kit, as well as volunteer stewards who need to be trained and willing to serve.

We have a mixed response from our church community when thinking about returning to in-person communal worship. For most, it does not feel safe at this time.

The Elders are tentatively thinking sometime in September to possibly re-open. However, we are reviewing, every fortnight, developments with rates of transmission in the wider community and the corporate mindset of our fellowship. The Elders are now working on a risk assessment and the logistics of making our building as safe as possible. We may find by the time we approach September that reopening is not best for us. Nonetheless, these precautions must be taken for whenever that reopening day arrives.

One possibility and our safest option is finding a lovely Saturday or Sunday and having outdoor worship. Be watching for that opportunity and we will have to act with a few days’ notice. Bring your own lawn chair and physically distance in prayer outdoors!

Keep all of us in your prayers please.

Wishing You Every Peace and Wellbeing,



UPDATE ALLERTON Mather Avenue  and WAVERTREE ST. Stephen's URCs 

As we see restrictions lifting and new guidelines emerging, a number of folks are asking when will the church re-open for in-person worship services? Church Secretaries and Elders alike have been reviewing advice from URC Church House and from the government regularly. At present, the advice allows for personal prayer in the church building beginning July 5th.  In the United Reformed tradition we pray everywhere and at any time.  For us, being able to gather together as a community of faith at worship far outweighs entering the church for personal prayer. At this time, the Secretariat at Allerton and the Elders at St. Stephen's do not advise opening for personal prayer in the church building. The premises remain closed. 

The number one concern is your safety and safeguarding folks who are particularly vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus. When word is received that gathering for in-person worship is possible there will be a need for Elders to establish hygienic requirements, insure safeguarding and look at how our buildings are being used. As further information is made available, Elders will be called to meet and then begin organising for what we need to do to re-open. Please feel free to contact me with any feedback on this subject or contact your Elder. 

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and remember Covid-19 has not gone away and as yet, we do not have a vaccine. Cherish these days as best you can. Even though 2020 is not what we anticipated, it is still a year in our lives to be lived creatively! Whilst the church is struggling financially with significantly reduced income, the reality of families, households and businesses are struggling too.  
Let's hold each other in prayer and reach out and support each other as best we can. 

Fathers' Day Greetings to the dads who loved us and to whom we wish every good thing! 
Whether we were related by blood or not, let's hold up a positive model of fatherhood. To the dads we never knew and to those who were like a good father to us, and to the fathers we miss: Thank you!

In Christ, the Light of the World,
Tim Meadows

Ascension Day Message 

Thursday 21st May 2020

Ascension Day Greetings to All,


Ten more days until Pentecost. Let's  give thanks for our fellowship and the Spirit which binds us together! 


To see and hear more please click on the link, which will  take you to a You Tube broadcast for Ascension Day from Rev'd. Tim Meadows.


Special thanks to Tristan Hughes and Chris Scheuer for their help in producing the video. The music in the video is from the hymn, "I Will Arise and Go to Jesus," which is a southern American folk song from the Sacred Harp tradition.

Christian Aid Week 10th - 17th May

As the Coronavirus spreads across the world, love rises up in response. We are aware of the demands upon us all at this difficult time, both close to home and abroad. Will you think about joining together this Christian Aid Week in reaching out to protect our neighbours around the world?

There is no national or local  house-to-house collection this year so will you please think about giving a donation?

If you have a smart phone you may donate £5 very simply by texting the word HELP to 70020. The text will be charged at your normal rate, very often free, and the £5 will appear on your next bill.

If you are comfortable with on-line payments just click on the link below and do what you can.  

If you prefer to use a more conventional method, you can write a cheque (made payable to Christian Aid) and post it to  Christian Aid
35 Lower Marsh, London, SE1 7RL.
Many thanks

8th May VE75

VE75 Commemorations 8th May 2020

As we commemorate the end of WWII in Europe and see on our televisions the programmes paying tribute to ‘Britain’s Finest Generation’, the pictures we are shown are of heroic deeds both home and abroad, on land and sea and in the air. Men and women, services and civilians, toiling together for the common good, resulting in the enormous celebrations on what was immediately called VE Day.

Included in those celebrating were men and a great number of women from our church who had served at home doing vital work to help maintain supplies, support the armed services and look after the welfare of those at home. Many, of course, were young women suddenly thrust into the ‘front line’, doing work previously the preserve of men. And, it goes without saying, that they delivered what was expected of them … and more and they deserve every bit as much remembrance and honour as the armed services personnel, just as their mothers and older relatives had deserved for doing likewise in the Great War of 1914.

We at Allerton are fortunate in having in our church the Great War memorials from Canning Street and Mount Pleasant Presbyterian churches, the latter being hidden from view in the Mount Pleasant room.  We know who those men are, and we honour them  as our own.

But on this 75th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe, let us spare a moment to look at the names of those from our church who gave their lives in that conflict in the service of the nation, as we do on Remembrance Sunday each year. Follow the link here to see their names.

2nd May

Cub Pack update

The cubs have been been keeping active and sending in pictures and videos of various fitness regimes, including cycling,  walking the dog, trampolining, swingball, football, dance, Joe Wicks exercise programme and obstacle courses in their back gardens. It makes me worn-out just watching!  

The Scout Association organized a 'Hike to the Moon' event, which took place on St George's Day.  All members were encouraged to take part, and collectively try to total the 240,000 miles hike to get to the Moon.   Donations were also encouraged, to be contributed to the 'BBC Big night in' (in aid of Children in Need and Sport Relief).   As of today's date the event has raised £322,000 nationally (which is to be matched by the government) and over 21,000 members took part, and yes they did make it to the Moon!

I have sent all of the cubs the requirements for the 'Chef' and 'Home Help' badges, which can be done at home, under adult supervision, and all of the activities so far will count toward the 'CRE8 Challenge' badge which has been set by Merseyside County.

Lastly, Alfie O'Prey (one of our older cubs) has almost completed his Chief Scout's Silver Award,  the highest badge that can be achieved in the Cubs.   He had one last thing to do, which was to plan an activity that the other cubs could take part in.   This is usually done at our pack meeting, so he had to 'think outside the box' and used the 'whatsapp' group to set a Treasure Hunt for the Cubs.  He chose 10 various household items that they had to collect together, and then they sent a photo once completed.   I am pleased to say that we had a 100% response, and Alfie has completed his Award. Well done, Alfie.

We are hoping in the future to organize a 'virtual' badge presentation evening on 'Zoom', whatever that is!

Cheers,Stay Safe, Akela Kim

15th April

Cub Pack update

The leaders are keeping in touch with the cubs via a closed 'whatsapp' group that we have set up during the restrictions, and setting small tasks and fun activities for them to do at home.   One such activity was a 'stay at home sleep-over' on Wednesday 8th April.  The cubs were encouraged to construct a 'blanket tent/fort' to sleep in overnight.   I  am pleased to say that 16 cubs (and 3 leaders) made tents and the photos were shared on whatsapp.(See pictures here.)  Most participants also got a surprise 'face-chat' from a leader before the 9 o'clock curfew.     Badges have been produced by 'all things scouting' called the 'camp at home April' badge, and I have ordered one for each cub that took part, 25% of the cost of the badge is donated to the NHS.

The cubs also wrote thank you notes to their postie and attached them to their letterboxes at home, and very colourful they were, too.

Charity walk thanks.....

Can I take this opportunity to also thank all those supporters at the church who made donations toward my 'walk all over cancer' challenge (in aid of Cancer Research UK).  I am pleased to say that I did manage to complete the required steps for the whole of March, in fact my total was 355,730 steps (and 175 miles).       Donations from the collecting tins in church amounted to £105 (for which I am most grateful), and the overall total raised to date is £400.  

Cheers,Stay Safe, Akela Kim

18th March - Corona Virus Latest

All our church services are now suspended until further notice, in accordance with guidelines from the UK Government and the United Reformed Church.

Arrangements are being made to cease all activities in our premises this week. Our uniformed organisations and several of our leisure, recreational and educational activities have already stopped and the remainder will be doing so after their final meeting this week. Our lettings manager will be advising groups accordingly. We are sensitive to the needs of our premises users, but are also mindful of the very real and present threat to us all from this situation. 

We are doing all we can to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our church community in the coming weeks and, possibly, months. All special events for the coming months have been cancelled or postponed until later in the year. Please see our What's On page for a full list of what is cancelled and proposed.

14th March

The church Elders have met this morning (Saturday) to discuss the ongoing corona virus situation.

It has been decided that worship will continue at Allerton as usual, with the following precautions being taken

The chairs will be set out, but spaced more widely apart.

There will be no distribution of hymn books, the words will be displayed on the screen

Large print books will be available for those who need them, but folk should take your own from the shelf

The offering will be taken, in the alms dish placed at the centre of the church

There will be no refreshments served after the service

We are trusting that, with basic hygiene being followed by all, we shall do all we can to prevent the spread of the virus among the congregation and we will meet regularly to review the situation.

Please note that all our other activities are still happening, subject to ongoing review. We are, understandably, being a little more cautious because of the covid19 virus, but we are equipped with hot water and soap in all six of our toilets and in our kitchen. So, Keep Calm and Carry On. Watch this page for further news.