Open Spaces & Lettings

Our refurbished and decorated Sanctuary, (set out with chairs and tables or as free open space),  is used primarily for church services, weddings, baptisms and funerals but is also available for musical performances and other recreational / artistic activities, subject to suitability and availability. We also have numerous rooms available for church groups, children's,  uniformed  and  other organisations.

Our main hall with its stage can seat up to 110 people in theatre style or may be used as a free open space depending on need, including quiz nights, physical activities and children's parties.

Our smaller hall , the Proven Hall, newly re-decorated  can seat up to 50 people or can also be used as free open space or set with tables and chairs.

We also have a committee room suitable for smaller groups or meetings and there is also a lounge for a more relaxed gathering.

Please contact our Lettings Manager, David Jones, on 

0151 724 4420 for further details of hall sizes, rates, 

suitability and availability.