Allerton United Reformed Church

Meeting Faith and Community Together

The Church

Church Exterior The Arches Gates 

        Sanctuary Interior -  2018         

The Advent Season

Olaf helps Tim with a story Well, at least the children were listening!One Happy Girl Gets Her GiftAnother Happy Girl Gets Her Gift

              Eager Beavers at their Nativity The Hanging of the GreensTots & Co Party

     Traidcraft        Mary and Joseph Arrive at Bethlehem        The Book Stall                                                                      

  Santa and His Helpers ArriveHappy HelpersTwo Delighted Children with Santa                                           Calories Don't CountThis Way to the Grotto

                                     All Saints Sunday 2019                                                                                                                                     New Members Chris, Pat, Mike and Tracey with Minister Tim

Pentecost Sunday 2019

     Communion Table and Banners  Children with Banners  Getting Ready for Sunday                                                                                                                                                                                            Procession into Church

Plant Sale & Strawberry Tea

 A Busy Plant StallA Packed Sanctuary                             Happy visitors  Birthday Girl Pam and Baker Sue   Plant Bargaining                                                            Pam's Celebration Cake

     Holy Hullabaloo Children's Club  

Maundy Thursday 2019

Building BridgesHow High Can we Go?Food Colour ExperimentYummy ConcoctionDancercise! Let's Get Loose.Concentrating on the Collage.Lunch BreakCollage All Finished. Christ Is Risen!


Afternoon Tea Dance April 2019

Conversation  The First Waltz

Rock Around the ClockMore Lively NowAnd Flowers, Too!

Sea Scouts' RN Inspection 2019

              Anchors Away Camp Grub Tasting Essential Knots Work                            Preparing a Survival Kit   Inspection Time                                       Inspection                                              Games Break                                               Awaiting the Verdict                                               Success, The Award is Presented. 

Spring Fair 2019

 The book stallA young face-painted leopard .The Pets' Corner  

                      The Craft Area     Our Refreshments Team                                        The Gifts Team A pet bunny The Cakes Team       

Easter GiftsThe Outside Play Area/ Bouncy Castle

A Crowded Sanctuary

Christmas at Allerton 2018

Santa Claus and Six ChildrenOur Crib in the FoyerChristingle CandleThe Four Kings make their Offering

The Whole CastChristingle IWelcome to Our Family FestivalThree ShepherdsChurch Front Before Christingle

Christmas Fair 2018

   "Glassware, Anyone?"     The Kitched Wizards                                                                                                       The Stationery Team    The Bag Ladies                                  The Book Team    Lanterns at the Communion Table                                  Santa's Grotto Elves    A Crafty Selection                                                                                                                                                                                             "And What Would You Like For Christmas?" (With Permission)

Blessing of the Animals Service 2018

                          One Happy Family                                          Three Angel Faces            Cuddly Bunny Rabbit                                             Cuddly Toy Pets Are Blessed Too                                                   Gently Does It.    Look At Me!                                                                                                                                     Someone call my name?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          All Together, Now                                                     

Summer Holiday Club 2018

Action SongA Volcano Cola  Drinking Fountain

A 3D Hand drawingExpressive Song  An Edible Rainbow plate

Animal Masks

The Holy CokeyAlmost All The  Holiday Club Team