We worship at 10.00 am each Sunday including Junior Worship.

  Sunday Morning Worship 

    Elders are pleased to announce that the Church continues to be open for

 in-person worship each Sunday at 10.00 am

Worshippers may sit together or apart, as they so wish and wear masks or not,                according to their own personal preferences.                

 There are refreshments after the service, too. 

We extend a very warm welcome to those who feel able to attend.

Our Minister,Tim has been elected to be Moderator of General Assembly of the URC for the year commencing July 2024. This is a great accolade for Tim, and we extend him our heartiest congratulations.

Regular Sunday morning worship is led, usually for the first three Sundays of each month, by our Minister, Rev'd Tim Meadows.                                                    Our visiting preachers for the other Sundays appear below.

28th April                                    Yvonne Campbell

19th May     Pentecost               Jenny Makepeace

26th May     Trinity Sunday       Jean Taylor

 2nd June                                    Ron Reid

23rd June                                    Norah Hart

30th June                                    Christine Kellett

 7th July                                      TBA

14th July                                     Wynne Davies

28th July                                     Yvonne Campbell

18th August                                Rev Catherine McFie

25th August                                Peter Franklin

15th September                          Steven Mitchell

22nd September                         Norah Hart

29th September                          Wynne Davies

20th October                              Rev Stuart Radcliffe

27th October                              Peter Franklin

10th November                          TBA

17th November                          Emma Howarth

24th November                          Jean Taylor

15th December                          TBA

22nd December                         Junior Worship

29th December                          Peter Franklin

           For those of you who would also like to join in a virtual Sunday Service,                     "broadcast" by the URC, please log on to the link shown below.

There is a new one each week, generally available from 10.00am each Sunday

31st March - Easter Sunday

7th April - Second Sunday of Easter

14th April - Third Sunday of Easter

21st April - Fourth Sunday of Easter

 You might also want to listen to BBC Radio Merseyside at 8.00am on Sunday mornings for An Act of Worship or watch Songs of Praise on BBC1 TV at 1.15pm

Or you might want to watch and  listen now to the girls' and boys' Junior Choir of the Liverpool Anglican and Metropolitan Cathedrals singing together, but at home, featuring Gabby from Allerton URC as the first voice you will hear.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Our Sanctuary, prepared for Communion.